Through our life experiences we can all pick up inner wounds and lies that can not only be difficult for us to get rid of on our own but can also prevent us from living life to the full.

To help with this our church offers two inner healing prayer ministries to our congregation;

  • Sozo

  • Restoring the Foundations (RTF)

These ministries are not counselling, but they can help with various issues affecting people’s lives, such as;

  • Improving our relationship with God, other people and even ourselves.

  • Freedom from sin, destructive patterns, various addictions, un-forgiveness, fears, bitterness, anger, low self-esteem, rejection and ungodly beliefs, to name but a few.

  • Being set free from negative generational patterns.

Both ministries are Holy Spirit led and aim at bringing more freedom into people’s lives. Forgiveness is a key element for both ministries to be successful.

To find out more about the above ministries please contact Rex or June Wilson :  email:


If you would like to find out more about these ministries please see the below links.

  • Restoring the Foundations

To find out more about this ministry, including independent teams that offer it please see

  • Bethel Sozo

To find out more about this ministry, including how to find an independent team offering it please see

For those who prefer to have an RTF or Sozo session with a team outside of Christ Church we recommend;

  • Eastgate Church

Located nearby in Northfleet, North-West Kent. They offer Sozo, RTF and also Liebusters ministries.

Christian Counselling Services

For those wishing to seek professional counselling services we are fortunate to be able to recommend these two local centres who offer Christian counselling services to the whole community, open to people of all faiths or none.   

  • Eastgate Church

  • Sevenoaks Christian Counselling

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