We are a church that exists to make the love of Jesus known.

We want to be a gateway to those that don’t yet know Jesus.

Our aim at Christ Church is summed up in our vision which gives a flavour of where we want to be.

Our Vision

Dreams can be powerful.  The best dreams call us to live for something far bigger than ourselves and propel us into action.  

Our vision is rooted in a dream experienced by a man called Jacob.  You’ll find it described in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.  In his dream, Jacob saw God and heard Him speak.  When he woke up he was powerfully affected and exclaimed;

"How awesome is this place. This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven"  Genesis 28v17

Like Jacob, at Christ Church we dream of a church that is an awesome house of God.  A place where people encounter His living, powerful, loving presence; where the Kingdom of heaven is breaking into the lives of ordinary, imperfect men and women, turning their lives around and where people are met with a helping hand, not a pointing finger.

In short, a church that’s a gateway to a whole new kind of life.

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Page last updated: 7th November 2018 8:58 PM