Why Jesus?

It’s all about Jesus. At Christ Church we believe in Jesus and seek to find him and grow in our living relationship with him. Jesus is good news, in fact he’s incredible. Through Jesus we are loved, set free, and built up for the fullness of life that God has planned for us. And even more, this love is open to everyone, you are no exception!

Our sinful nature put a barrier between us and God, and Jesus is the only way to get that relationship back.

Why Jesus?

It is historically accepted that Jesus was a real person

        Historians accept that Jesus was real and existed, they also attest that the four eye-witness testimonies, known as gospels, are some of the most historically reliable documents from antiquity. What we read in these about this humble man is life-transforming.

More than that, he was an incredible person

        Jesus’ words and actions spoke volumes. He had a clear heart for people of all walks and classes. He loved in the most extraordinary way, from folk with leprosy (a highly contagious disease) to reaching out to tax collectors (some of the most hated people around). His love was for everyone.

His power was extraordinary

       Jesus could heal the sick. He could multiply food. He spoke some of the most incredible parables and teaching, cutting to the core, but in the most gentle way. Jesus spoke as one with authority. He confounded the wise men of his day. Jesus never got caught out.

His claim was extraordinary

       But all of this would just have made Jesus a talented man. Jesus didn’t claim to be just a man, he claimed to be God. He claimed to be on a mission, to reconcile people for eternity back to God. He was to walk his talk by his ultimate act.

He willingly died to save us

       Jesus, swapped for a criminal, was crucified. The least-deserving person on earth died for someone else’s wrongful acts.

His mission was to seek and save the lost, to find us

       You see Jesus knew the bigger reality, that there is more to this life than just what we can see. Jesus knew that a perfect God couldn’t tolerate an imperfect mankind, that the loving relationship which once existed had become torn, and that humanity was in desperate danger of permanent estrangement from their Father God. He came to tell people about how to find God and overcome this divide. Ultimately he paid the price that needed to be paid to bridge that gap between God and mankind. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice we can now enjoy unlimited and unhindered relationship with our God, the most powerful, the most wise, the most loving being in all existence, which is incredible. This is real and it is personal to every human, all this was for me and for you.

We believe Jesus rose again

       There is one way to prove Jesus was something different, to prove he had power over life and death he needed to come back to life. This is something no man has ever done, and something no man can do. As he said, after three days he arose from the dead. The gospels record literally hundreds of witnesses to this incredible act. Jesus had proved he had power over death, he had proved he held the keys to life, he proved he was God.

What does this mean?

This changes the game.

If Jesus isn’t real then he doesn’t matter, if he is real then nothing else matters.

We would love the opportunity to share with you exactly what this means. Come and say hello, and let us explain to you the greatest gift we ever received...

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